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  In today's world, anything you say or do can get you involved in legal problems. When faced with a legal problem the right attorney makes all the difference in the world. Below are frequently asked questions often posed by our clients.  

Question: I know lawyers can be expensive. What do you charge?  
Answer:    That depends on what kind of case you have, how complex your case is, whether it will be contested, etc. Myhild custody, I require a retainer up front before filing any documents with the court. Other cases, normal rate is $125 per hour, although many things I do for a set price. Also, for some cases, like c such as Social Security disability cases, I don’t require any money up front, but will take a portion of the benefits I win. I would encourage anyone to call or email me about prices.
  Question: What kinds of cases do you handle?  
Answer:    I handle family law, which includes divorce cases, property distribution, child custody and child support. I also handle criminal law, including felonies and misdemeanors, and traffic tickets. I handle Social Security disability cases, consumer cases (such as when a business takes your money without giving you satisfaction) and wills and estate planning.
  Question: In which counties do you practice?  
Answer:    My office is in Beaufort County, and I handle cases in all of District 2 (Beaufort, Martin, Washington, Tyrrell and Hyde). In addition, I handle cases in Pitt County, and I may sometimes go to Craven County.
  Question: What is the best way to contact you?  
Answer:    My office telephone number is 252-948-0600. I have a cell phone that is has a Greenville phone number (252-717-5654). That should be a free call for anyone in Pitt County. Also, I check my email often and try to respond immediately. My email is